At the International Builders Show, Marvin introduced the Awaken skylight, named for the array of LED lights surrounding the interior of the skylight that mimic the soft glow of the sun. The lights can be controlled with a smartphone app, and while Marvin doesn't exactly market the ability to control our circadian rhythms like Delos you can reportedly adjust the intensity and color of the LEDs to mimic sunrise, the midday sun or sunset at any hour you prefer.

Instead of having a conventional hinged connection, Marvin's Awaken skylight pops open, so the glass remains parallel to the plane of the roof when it opens. This allows for a bug screen around the perimeter of the roof window that accordions out as skylight opens.

The skylight comes with one flashing kit that can be used for a deck-mounted or curb-mounted installation (no need to order a separate kit for one or the other). And the frame is flush with the glass on top, so there is no lip to catch water or debris.