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Upwardly Mobile.

This Epicure Out-door Grill Cart resists the elements with heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Concealed rotating and locking casters provide full patio mobility, while two drawers and two side shelves offer generous storage space. A preinstalled warming oven (120-volt service required) comes standard in model OGCW52 for a retail cost of $3,200. The EOG52 grill is not included in the price of the cart; it's sold separately for an additional $4,230. Dacor, 800/793-0093,

Multi-Fuel Cooking.

Propane or charcoal? Settle the argument once and for all with a unit that uses both — and then some. The Vidalia Grill Model 628 is one of four models designed to burn not only charcoal and propane, but also natural gas and wood. A 31-inch-by-24-inch grid covers directly and indirectly heated cooking surfaces to allow grilling as well as smoking, baking, broiling, and frying. Available in freestanding and built-in formats, the 628 retails for $1,650. Vidalia Outdoor Products, 800/453-1668,

Shipshape Storage.

Solid, 3/4-inch-thick marine-grade polymer Wer/Ever cabinets endure permanent outdoor installation without warping, swelling, cracking, or discoloring. Base and wall cabinets come in five different colors with several door styles, and are sized in 3-inch increments from 12 to 30 inches at standard 24-inch and 14-inch depths. Base cabinets have adjustable legs. Pricing runs about $330 per linear foot, but varies based on size, style, and options. Wer/Ever Outdoor Products, 888/324-3837,

Toilets & Bidets

Gray-Water Flush.

Here's a novel solution for a tiny powder room, as well as a way to conserve fresh water: Replace the existing tank top of virtually any standard toilet with a Toilet Lid Sink. Water that fills the tank for flushing is first routed through the faucet for hand-washing. According to the maker, installation is simple. The white plastic unit contains a built-in soap dish and shuts off automatically. It sells for $90. Real Goods, 800/919-2400,

Hang It.

Because its tank and carrier system install within the stud cavity, the space-saving Kimera In-Wall Mounted Toilet projects only 211/2 inches from a 2x6-framed wall. Features include a wall-mounted actuator for flushing and a rim height of 15 to 19 inches above the floor. The basic system lists at $995. Porcher, 800/359-3261,

Hygienic Stomper.

Incident studies show that every year an average 7.3 million squeamish Americans fall, sometimes fatally, while trying to flush the toilet with their foot. Okay, there's no such study. Nonetheless, the Foot Flush pedal, which converts almost any standard toilet to hands-free operation, should please unsteady germophobes everywhere. Installing the device entails removing the tank lid and attaching the operating cable to the stopper's pull-chain. You can outfit your next bathroom project with this sanitary enhancement for $30. Foot Flush International, 866/237-2882,

Clean Finish.

With its heated seat, slow-close lid, internal water heater, and optional warm-air drier, the Feel Fresh Bidet N Wash Hygiene System is replacing the regular seat on many a domestic toilet. An included tee-fitting picks up the water supply, and a regular 120-volt outlet provides the heating action. Regular and elongated toilet shapes are available; prices range from $430 to $650, depending on the model and options chosen. Hometech Industries, 888/557-6888,