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Avoiding Paint Callbacks

Success with exterior wood coatings starts with the carpenters More

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Learning Building Science Fundamentals

There's no better grounding in building science for the building industry More

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Underpinning Basement Foundations

Doug Horgan details the steps his company takes to avoid a building collapse when... More

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Queen of Zero: A JLC Case Study Home

This Queen Anne Victorian merges historic architecture with a net-zero standard of... More

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Reducing Carbon

A builder’s guide to carbon-neutral building practices More

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Deep Structural Retrofit

Jake Lewandowski explains how he remedied a home's rotted frame by completely... More

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Moisture Protection for Walls

Doug Horgan dives into a range of practical solutions for draining and drying... More

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Outsmarting Air From the Outside

Doug Cameron has taken air sealing to the next level with his "block and caulk"... More

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Sleuthing Out Moisture

Zeroing in on the causes of elevated moisture in buildings More

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Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Come of Age

Simple system designs reduce costs and improve efficiency More

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Tree Huggers at Work
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Preventing Moss on Shingles

Once moss has gained a foothold on a roof, there’s no easy way to get rid of it,... More

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How Do You Seal Poly to Poly?

Jake Bruton, Rick Mills, and Bernie Montoya weigh in on what works to make vapor... More

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Replacing a Skylight

Manny Silva's belt-and-suspenders approach to flashing the new unit to the roof... More

Preventing Swelling Composite Decking

Kim Katwijk explains why butt joints in composite decking swell, and offers up... More

Diagonal Bracing on an Elevated Deck

Here's how to brace the corner posts, and why you shouldn't brace those... More

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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Veteran carpenter John Spier's top 8 work habits and principles shared by... More

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Training Videos

Video Series - Best Practice Drywall

In this seven-part video series, JLC contributor and JLC Live presenter, Myron...

Basic Wall Layout

Veteran contractor and JLC LIVE presenter, Mike Sloggatt demonstrates effective...

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