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Rainscreen Clapboard Siding Details

How to apply strapping and vent screens to create a drainable, ventilated... More

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Learning Building Science Fundamentals

Find out when Joe Lstiburek is bringing his 2-day building science seminar to a... More

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How Going Clean Can Save Your Customer Some Green

These new programs can cut your building costs and save your customer money More

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A Smarter Way of Charging for Overhead and Profit

When bidding on a project, you need more than a simple formula. More

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Air-Sealing an Ice-Prone Home

Chris West troubleshoots an ice damming problem in a Cape-style home, a common... More

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'Building Freedom: A Construction Pro's Path to Financial Independence'

Rob Corbo reviews David Gerstel's latest book More

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Homeowners seek heating oil alternatives amid rising prices

Propane suppliers are working closely with builders and remodelers to heat homes... More

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A Builder’s Guide to Carbon-Neutral Building Practices

How to reduce the embodied carbon used to build a house, which can equal the CO₂... More

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Strategies for Safe and Affordable Decks

Glenn Mathewson and John Moss join the JLC editors to discuss how to deliver a... More

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Inspecting the Inspectors

We asked our readers to weigh in on the building code enforcement process in the... More

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Ductwork for a Retrofit ERV

Miguel Walker explains the tradeoffs of using existing heating ducts instead of... More

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Stainless Steel, Salt, and...Corrosion?

Yes, stainless steel isn't stain-free, but there's a difference between staining... More

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Pumpkin-Cut Drywall Repair

This technique is as simple as it sounds, but can trim hours from a drywall repair... More

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Rebuilding a Box Bay Window

Inadequate structural details and flashing led to the early demise of this home's... More

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Wiring an EV Charger

Any electrician who has wired an outlet for an electric stove or dryer can easily... More

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Building a Custom Craftsman-Style Vanity

Gary Striegler explains how he used common trim-carpentry tools and a few simple... More

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Alternative Uses for Helical Piles

How installing helical piles at an angle allows them to be used to provide lateral... More

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Beam Stress and Strain: A Lesson in Statics

Clayton DeKorne explains how beams are governed by five principal factors that... More

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How Close Can a Mantel Be to a Fireplace?

Different standards apply to mantel and surround clearances, depending on whether... More

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Video Series - Best Practice Drywall

In this seven-part video series, JLC contributor and JLC Live presenter, Myron...

Basic Wall Layout

Veteran contractor and JLC LIVE presenter, Mike Sloggatt demonstrates effective...

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