So I was watching YouTube videos (where is all my time, I wonder aloud) looking to populate the TOOLSLetter with something at least slightly relevant to what we do all day, when an ad popped up for Groove Life's silicone ring, one of the silicone rings that I see people wearing.

Before I could skip it, it was hilarious. So then I didn’t skip it, and a chuckle and half a video later, I’m in the GrooveRing rabbit hole and whatever I was working on before just torpedoed.

Because this ring actually looks cool for the jobsite.

The grooves inside the ring enable air and moisture to pass through. Apparently other silicone rings don’t do that.

They cost 25 to 50 bucks, and come in a dazzling array of colors and styles, along with similarly designed watchbands for your smartwatch. But are they safe against the hideous ring avulsion?

Groove Life says yes. Because the Groove Original rings are designed to break at 32 pounds of pressure and the Groove Thin rings, at 15 pounds.

Yes, break. They’re flexible enough for daily use but brittle enough to break before your finger does.

Add a 94-year warranty if you do break one and that sounds like a ringing endorsement.