Portrait of a young couple holding the keys to their new home

As millennials continue entering the homebuying market, they have become the generation most likely to remodel their homes. In fact, in the past year, millennials have completed the most home improvement projects of any generation, making them a lucrative segment of the market. Get to know the building materials millennials desire and better understand what this new group of clients is looking for.

Charming newly renovated home exterior, natural wood siding and grey siding help to encrease curb appeal.

Materials That Last
Many millennials are skipping starter homes and waiting until they can purchase their “forever homes.” When they’re remodeling, they’re likely looking for durable, low-maintenance materials that will last for years to come.

  • Synthetic Roofing: Because synthetic roofing materials are often easier to maintain, more weather-resistant and longer-lasting, they’re a practical and appealing choice for millennials.
  • Modern Siding Materials: Thanks to modern materials such as engineered wood, fiber cement and vinyl, millennials don’t have to trade style for durability. These materials can look like wood and are less likely to crack, break and fade.
  • Impact-Resistant Windows: While impact-resistant windows are known for protecting against hurricanes and tropical storms, they’re increasingly in demand throughout the country because they can also help reduce damage caused by high winds and tornadoes.
A new set of solar panels which blend in nicely with a black tiled roof.

Energy-Efficient Products
The environment matters to millennials—73 percent will pay more for sustainable goods—so it’s no surprise that they’re driving the demand for energy-efficient materials.

  • Attic Insulation: Adding attic insulation keeps more heat inside the house, ultimately lowering energy bills. It can also help prevent ice damming and leaks as snow melts.
  • Solar Roof Tiles: Sustainability meets sleek design with photovoltaic roofing tiles to appease millennials’ interest in stylish, yet functional, products.
  • Energy-Efficient Windows: With insulating window frames, multiple panes and reflective Low-E glass, it’s easier for more homeowners to opt in for energy-efficient windows that prevent the transfer of heat between the indoors and the outdoors.
Beautiful Luxury Home Exterior at Sunset

Bold Colors and Textures
For millennials, a home reflects their personal style and an important part of their life experience. They’re craving self-expression and customization, so providing vibrant color options is a way to appeal to their desires.

  • Architectural Shingles: By incorporating more colors, shapes and textures than traditional shingles—think shingles that look like wood or stone—architectural shingles make it easier for homeowners to achieve the specific look they’re going for.
  • More Colors and Textures in Siding: Similar to roofing, bolder and brighter siding colors are preferred by younger generations. Mixing and matching different textures of siding also allows millennials to create a unique home.
  • Dark Window Frames: Millennials can express their personal style by making a statement with dark window frames. Black, gray and bronze frames can make windows stand out, while pairing dark frames with a dark roof can tie a home’s look together.

As millennials continue to invest in their homes, contractors should know what they’re looking for. If you need help identifying the right building materials for your millennial clients, contact your local ABC Supply branch.