I came across this video by tool taker-apart-er extraordinaire AvE on the YouTube about the Dremel Saw Max. This tool is a mash-up between an angle grinder and a mini worm-geared circ saw. Mine has gotten me out of more than a few “what am I going to use to cut [____ fill in material I never cut]” situations.

It sailed through a 1 1/4-inch paper-composite countertop that had sent my jigsaw screaming for shelter. Because it cuts wood and plastic by abrading, not removing chips, it’s great for clean cuts in 1/4-inch lauan. It also operates as a grinder and cuts metal. I bet it’s killer for vinyl siding.

In the BOLTR video, AvE gives the tool’s construction high marks from the cord retention to the switch. It’s solidly built. It does have a bearing that can't be repaired, but I think that's OK because if you use it like I do—sparingly—you’ll never wear it out. I don’t think I’ve even worn out a blade, which he says are expensive to replace.

When he’s under the hood, he finds a loss-prevention magnet built into the tool. “Skookum.” He likes this and then says that big-box stores that sell this tool don’t buy their inventory. Rather they sell tools and pay manufacturers like Bosch (the Dremel parent) upon the sale of tools. He calls big boxes tool consignment stores. Interesting.

The Saw Max is small and lower power but fast. BOLTR (AvE’s tool playlist) says he gets 14,000 “rip ‘ems” out of it. What’s interesting is that he does a little math to come up with a stat that I had to think about for a minute: “Surface Feet.”

Basically, if this thing were on a rail, it would go 10,000 feet in one minute. That’s some skookum chooch.

He also claims it “gets hotter than a 2-dollar pistol,” which is something I haven’t found to be true. And that the “30% glass reinforced nylon guard” is set up to melt from sparks while grinding. True in theory, but I haven’t encountered it.

He talks like most of us talk so if you get triggered by 4-letter words or him yelling at his camera, this video is not for you.

Enjoy the video.

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