Offering 10,000 lumens in a compact unit that weighs little more than the battery, this battery-powered light from Metabo HPT is nothing short of perfect. It’s on the company’s MultiVolt platform, so it can be plugged in and run off A/C power, and it has 15 brightness levels, is IP65 rated, and is a good value at $200 (tool only).

Metabo HPT’s MultiVolt battery-powered work light has a compact footprint, a tripod mount, and 15 light settings.
The light is powered by one of the company's MultiVolt batteries.

The unit (model UB18DDQ4) has a handle on top for carrying (or hanging), a leg that folds out as a stand, a 5/8-inch-diameter threaded fitting for mounting on a tripod, an adjustment dial for brightness, and a USB port to charge a phone. A larger, 8.0-Ah battery lasts a little over 90 minutes with the light at full brightness, which is fine with me because it takes half that time to recharge. If you’re already in the Metabo HPT ecosystem, then I highly recommend this light.

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