I’m a big fan of carts. My fanhood is probably in equal parts directly proportional to my disdain for piles.

And not being able to find things. (See Cliff Woodman’s mastery of the finding-things universe here.)
And having to move things 80 #$%^&*(- times.

Life is better on wheels.

Even during some renos (basements, for example), I build a rolling cart for my miter saw, quickly out of 2x4s and plywood. Four rolling-locking casters keep it either still or mobile.

Instead of my moving all over the room to make cuts, I just bring it with me. I cut most everything standing up, which my back likes. And which I learned in one of my favorite books is part of the culture of craftsmanship—some cultures sit on the ground, others stand. I guess some stand and bend over all day, but he didn’t talk about that.

Anyway, the point is that Milwaukee just released a new 40-inch steel work cart. It’s got a reinforced frame, industrial casters, and a 700-pound weight capacity—which does NOT mean you can push Bruno down the hall to test that.

It has 100-pound soft-close drawer slides, built in power center—yes!—removable storage cups, an integrated wire spool holder, and movable utility shelves.

It’s $399.

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