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Products JLC's Products by Dave Holbrook JUNE JLC 2000 Ladder Safety The more friction you have, the harder it is to get moving. That's the idea behind the Ladder Stopper, designed to increase ground surface contact to nearly 200 square inches. The Tshaped aluminum pad is bonded to a rubber base with an aggressive tread, which the manufacturer claims grips equally well on wood, concrete, or wet grass. Drop the stopper on the ground, place the ladder on it, and up you go — the heavier the climber, the harder it grips. Two sizes are available: The 24-inch-wide version costs $90, and the 36-inchwide base goes for $160. Contact: Bird Barrier, 20925 Chico St., Carson, CA 90746; 800/503-5444; Sticky Feet While you fiddle on