Ron Paulk is a home builder in Anacortes, Wash., and the shop he built in the back of his box truck is second to none. It contains a table saw, a miter saw, and a planer — each with reasonable outfeed space and a connection to a piped dust-collection system. There is a run of cabinets along either side of the truck with bench space on top, shelves and tool storage bins above, and drawers below. The truck is impressively well-stocked with tools and supplies, and yet everything's easy to find.


Don't be fooled by the video's title. Yes, the dust-collection system is excellent, but the level of organization within the shop is far more impressive. The compressor and dust-collection equipment are away from the work area and accessed through doors on the outside of the building. The strategic placement of same-height worktables and machinery near doors allows the owner to squeeze a lot of equipment into a small area while providing plenty of runoff for long material. Best of all is the storage — check out the drawers for storing sandpaper.


Brian Way has two shops: a brick and mortar shop where he fabricates cabinets and millwork, and a portable shop he takes to the job site. The portable one is in the back of a box truck and contains everything he needs to install, modify, or site-build cabinets. Features include a large power inverter, compressed air ports inside and out, and myriad places for storing tools and supplies. There's even a mobile office up in the cab.


This shop contains enough equipment to put all but the largest tool stores to shame. Here's what Matthias Wandel (the woodworker who shot the video) says Jodoin told him: “Although I did some commission work on a small scale to pay for the tools, I have been and remain a hobbyist. I did a lot of furniture for my three children and seven grandchildren. A lot of people think that it is insane to have so many tools and not make real money with them.” Fortunately for Jodoin, his wife of 50-plus years is okay with his penchant for buying tools (though it's hard not to wonder whether she sometimes wishes he'd taken up a less-expensive hobby — like restoring yachts or owning racehorses).