As a trade professional, you know that the hardest part of your job is not the craft of building, it’s the day-to-day running and growing your business. From administration to quoting to communication, being efficient and productive can make or break the success of your business. To keep pace, you need tools that help you build a better business, like technology.

Builders, remodelers, and contractors of all sizes are setting aside Excel and paper and pen and using software-aided solutions to lessen the chance of errors when estimating projects. Typically included in many all-inclusive project management solutions, building construction cost estimating software helps with accuracy and allows for collaboration and faster task completion.

You know that estimating is one of the most critical components of your project profitability and winning repeat and new business, so it is essential to be as accurate as possible. It involves calculating various direct and indirect costs, including material and labor costs, subcontractors, equipment, and markup.

The benefits of using estimating software

In general, estimating software automates the formulas you use manually or on a spreadsheet into a streamlined online process. It offers reliability, accuracy, accessibility, and efficiency. 

Today’s construction-focused software solutions offer more than estimating since the estimate is intrinsically linked to the project; the work schedule, purchasing, subcontractor bids, customer invoicing, and reconciliation with accounts.

Quality estimating software solutions help you do your job better by allowing you to:

  • Create on-screen takeoffs from PDF files
  • Create estimates from takeoffs
  • Prepare custom templates for letterhead, proposals, and reports
  • Track actual costs against estimates
  • Integrate with accounting software

There are several estimating and project management software systems on the market today, including those specific to the residential construction industry like Buildxact. Designed for the small builder, remodeler, and contractor, it offers an easy-to-use construction estimating software, as an integral part of an affordable construction management platform.

You can create accurate estimates in a fraction of the time with complete on-screen takeoffs using your own supplier price files, which can be easily uploaded from Excel. You can create a professional-looking quote, including specifications and images, with just a few clicks.

You can also store customer information and documents like permits, quotes from subcontractors, material items (like that modern appliance example your customer sent) and easily send them along to your customer.

To learn more about software that can help you be more efficient and accurate in your business, book a personalized demo with Buildxact.