We've been having trouble with rodents chewing through our ground-level low-voltage wiring. After trying several different solutions, we finally came across one that works. We run our wires through stainless steel braided sleeving and put zip ties or shrink tube on the ends at the lights. This keeps the wire flexible for quick installation and allows us to use the same staples and holes we normally would, while providing protection from rodent teeth.

We purchase the sleeving online at McMaster-Carr. They are available in several different diameters, but we find the 1/4-in. ID size seems to work fine for most low-voltage wiring. If we're running 12-gauge wire, we buy sleeves that are a little larger. While the sleeves cost about $2.00/lineal foot, we typically use them only on wiring that is within about 2-ft. off the ground. The braided sleeves are made of stainless steel, so they won't corrode and have to be replaced, and the nominal added cost easily outweighs the cost of a return trip (or trips) to repair damaged wire.