Identifying the difference between windows that need replacement and windows that need repairs can be a good way to earn a homeowner’ s trust and win future business and referrals. Top manufacturers are dedicated to helping educate both the trade and homeowners, like Integrity® Windows and Doors from Marvin, for example. They’ve outlined the below responses to common problems, so that you can become that trusted partner the homeowners need.

Here are four common window problems — and the simple fix that can address them.

1. Drafty or leaky windows. Windows that no longer keep the elements out may indicate it’s time for a replacement. But often the fix is as simple as replacing outdated or worn out weatherstripping. Rather than a complete window replacement, new, more UV-resistant weather stripping can make an old window perform like new. But there may be times when replacement is the only option. Deteriorated sashes, visible water damage and warping are all signs that a replacement is in order.

2. Inefficient glass. Whether to save money or to save the planet, today’s homeowners want to be as energy efficient as possible. So when energy bills start rising, they may think their older windows need to be replaced. But many windows can simply be re-sashed or have new IG units installed in the existing sash.

3. Condensation. Despite what many believe, condensation on the inside or outside of the window is caused by humid air and does not indicate a seal failure. The best control for interior condensation is controlling the humidity in the house.

4. Fogging between panes. In contrast to condensation, fogging that forms between the glazing in an IG unit can’t be wiped away and is a sign of seal failure. In the case of seal failure, a simple sash replacement can address the issue while still maintaining the window frame, thus saving significantly in cost and time. Most manufacturers warranty their windows for this failure.

Being able to dispel these types of window failure misconceptions is a good start to becoming a trusted advisor that clients recommend to their friends. But to convey the true confidence of a trusted expert, builders need to educate themselves first. Look for manufacturers that offer top-notch training and dealer networks to get all the information and support needed to become the trusted advisor customers will look to again and again.

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