Reveals create strong crisp shadow lines in drywall. This detail is found in modern homes and offices designed to accentuate clean lines. Reveals are also used to add visual interest to large spans of drywall, breaking up the surface and creating artistic accents. Traditionally reveals are aluminum channels, most commonly manufactured by Fry Reglet. Aluminum is a great material for creating sharp edges for crisp straight lines. Also available are anodized aluminum reveals, which are designed to be left unpainted, allowing the shiny finish to add visual interest to the detail. Metal isn’t the only material reveals are made from. Vinyl reveals are another option that offer some additional benefits.

Trim-Tex offers vinyl Reveal Beads, which are available in the same profile shapes and sizes found in traditional metal reveals. Like metal reveals, vinyl reveals are ideal for creating aesthetic details. Vinyl, however, due to the physical properties of the material, is flexible. While metal reveals offer rigidity, this same benefit can also be a hinderance. Metal reveals once dented, bent, or kinked are now defective; this kind of damage happens often in transportation or on the jobsite. Material waste and damage is less of a concern with a flexible vinyl reveal.

A second advantage that flexibility offers is the ability to easily bend vinyl reveal bead to fit around curves. Arched or curved designs no longer need to be finished with costly custom aluminum reveals that require long lead times. The most important step to curving Reveal Beads is getting an accurate measurement. To make sure you get the right reveal for the job, measure the radius of the curve and then refer to the chart found above or on the Trim-Tex website.

Along with flexibility comes expansion protection, Trim-Tex vinyl reveals provide up to 1/8” in expansion control. The added expansion control helps protect the interior finish of your project, reducing the expense of future callbacks. Sometimes the look of aluminum reveals just can’t be beat. However, if you are looking for ways to help keep a project on time and under budget, consider vinyl. Vinyl reveals are also available in a shiny silver color that creates the same look of an anodized aluminum reveal with all the benefits of flexible vinyl. Vinyl reveals are available in comparable shapes and sizes to aluminum reveals on the market today, making the transition effortless.

Request free samples of vinyl reveals and check out the variety of sizes available on the Trim-Tex website.