Knowing and selecting the best material for a job can make or break a project’s budget. A mistake in product selection can cause you to waste money not only on the product itself, but also on labor. This can double (or more than double) the cost of the error. To help with product selection, find a good materials supplier that stays up-to-date on new products and solutions to help you get what you need.

Cutting Corners Does Not Save Money
Proactive and effective building is imperative in today’s industry where material costs are on the rise. It is tempting to cut corners to finish jobs quickly and as cheaply as possible, but this does not pay off in the long run. An example is the trend towards floor to ceiling windows: As this has caught on, so has the practice of caulking and flat taping around windows. This bad practice results in a flexible caulk getting covered by a brittle finishing compound, will cause the finish to crack. To avoid callback, properly finish floor to ceiling windows by properly sealing around the windows with spray foam, creating water-resistant drywall edges, and reducing sound transmission. Trim-Tex offers eight different Tear Away Bead solutions for finishing around windows that address these top concerns and will last for years to come.

Cheap Materials Cost More in the Long Run
Selecting cheap materials can also end up costing you more by leading to callbacks. Low-quality materials can also be damaged easily. Nothing like throwing money down the drain when you have to discard material that was damaged in transportation or on the jobsite. It doesn’t take much to kink or twist a metal corner bead requiring it to be discarded. Opt for a high-quality vinyl bead which is flexible and also rigid enough to withstand rough jobsite handling. However, the largest problem with selecting low-quality materials is the damage it can afflict on your reputation. Selecting quality products that stand up to daily wear and tear reflects highly on your work and your company. It can be hard enough to win bids, don’t let material choice ruin your reputation.

Labor Saving Solutions
Even products that can appear to be an added cost, can in the end save you time and money. For instance, drywall finishers often consider Buttboard a luxury product or added cost. However, contractors find that Buttboard pays for itself by saving time (meaning labor hours) by eliminating the need for extensive feathering of the butt-joint. Another time-saving drywall finishing solution, is Fire Rated 093V Expansion Bead. The product is designed to alleviate the time it takes to properly finish fire rated walls that require expansion protection. Previously adding a fire-rated expansion joint to a wall required multiple products with multi-step installation. Trim-Tex developed Fire-Rated 093V Expansion to provide twice the expansion control of a standard zinc beads in addition to a factory applied intumescent tape that expands when exposed to heat. This all-in-one product saves big on installation costs. Instead of cutting corners and risking your reputation, look for money and labor saving products like these to help you work smarter.

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