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Supply Chain Issues Can’t Stop a Good Cause

How Habitat for Humanity is dealing with shortages, price spikes, and labor... More

Taking a Look Back at Deck Expo 2015

The 2015 edition of Deck Expo was held at Chicago's Navy Pier this year in conjunction with the Remodeling Show and JLC Live. Here's a quick look back at the show and at the host city, as seen through the camera lens of PDB contributor Clemens Jellema. More

Insane Japanese Carpentry

Tools and techniques differ by country but are especially different in Japan. More

New Tech Japanese Timber Framing

In a surprising mix of old and new, computer-controlled machines cut house parts... More

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Door and Window Defects Added to Disclosure List

In Illinois, the disclosure list gets longer, specifically calling out moisure... More

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Roll Out the Barrel House

A former summer camp whose design came straight from the funny pages gets a new... More

7 Ancient And Amazing Air Compressors

The newest is 54 years old and the oldest 89, but none of these machines are quite ready to be retired. More

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Clients from Hell

Adam Shaf says a dispute with his former clients stems from them "not paying us for work, not because of poor workmanship." More

What Not to Wear to an Arc Flash Test

Hint: that 1970s polyester jumpsuit has to go. More

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An Efficient Box Truck Build-Out

An organized work vehicle can save you a ton of time and effort, and it might even... More

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