Each clamp in the Crescent Connect Modular Clamp System has 500 pounds of holding power, 60% more than similar clamps, according to the manufacturer. And these clamps are more versatile, thanks to a unique cam-like connector at the end of each clamp head that makes it possible to connect clamps to one another through a full 360° rotation.

Together with the Twin Lock Connector accessory (sold separately), you can position a series of clamps in a variety of positions and at unusual angles, making it possible to clamp corners, for example, or to use one clamp to support another. (Go to the Crescent website to see photos from users showing the clamps in action in a variety of configurations.)

Flipping the heads transforms the clamp into a spreader. In addition, removing the protective rubber pads exposes an area of the head that can clamp onto a pipe or other round object. A pair of 12-inch clamps costs about $40; two 6-inchers run about $35. The Twin Lock Connector accessory adds about $6. connectclamps.crescenttool.com