Flir recently introduced several new thermal imaging cameras, two of which are new generations of previous models.

The new C3 looks like and functions similarly to the C2, which Doug Horgan reviewed for JLC (see “New Infrared Options for Remodelers,” Jun/15). Like its predecessor, the C3 is a pocket-sized, touch-screen unit that combines a visual camera with an IR imager. Both have a thermal resolution of 80x60 and allow you to save infrared and visual images at the same time. These cameras also have a function that Flir calls “MSX” overlay—a view that combines the IR image with faint lines outlining objects and patterns from the visual image. According to Horgan, the MSX image provides a clear representation of the captured area, along with the thermal information you need. The C3 includes other functions as well, like Wi-Fi connectivity—allowing you to mirror whatever you’re capturing onto your phone or tablet through the Flir Tools App—and the ability to locate the lowest or highest temperature within a chosen area on the screen. The C3 sells for $700; the C2 is now available for $500.

If neither of those options is in your budget, you might consider the third-generation FlirOne—also available in a new Pro model. Like the C2 and C3, both FlirOne models provide visual and IR images along with the MSX overlay. Both options also have a new adjustable-height connector, which is meant to adapt the fit for most phone and tablet cases on the market. The visual image output resolution for both cameras is 1440x1080. The standard FlirOne has a thermal resolution of 80x60 and will cost $200. The FlirOne Pro has a thermal resolution of 160x120 and will cost $400.

This article originally appeared in Tools of the Trade.