Our jobsite has changed so much in the past few years. In addition to completely switching from corded to cordless power tools, we recently started using a jobsite tablet for blueprints, email, safety documentation, and manufacturer spec sheets. All of us on the crew use smartphones and I record a lot of content for YouTube and Instagram, so we need to be able to easily and quickly charge and recharge our portable electronic devices on the jobsite.

Milwaukee recently released its M18 Top-Off 175-Watt Power Supply, which we’ve been using for two months. Is it worth spending $100 on? Spoiler alert: I just bought one and will probably buy another one soon.

What makes this little glorified battery charger so great? Well, in addition to being superportable (it’s powered by an M18 battery), it features a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and an AC 120-volt outlet. I can use all three simultaneously if I need to. The 45-watt USB-C PD port is also superfast (my phone says “supercharging” when plugged into it). The charger works with all my M18 batteries and has a hook, so I can hang it off framing.

You can plug an M18 battery into Milwaukee’s Top-Off power supply to recharge cellphones and other portable electronic devices. It also has a AC 120-volt outlet.

I have taken this little unit on camping trips to recharge portable lights, phones, Kindles, tablets, a GoPro, and a Sony A7III camera. I have even used it to power the Sony to shoot a class for the International Builders’ Show on a jobsite. In addition, I can power my laptop with it. This is one of those products that makes sense for work and carries over to vacation and even power outages. milwaukeetool.com