Deckwise is introducing the WiseWrap line of flashing tape rolls for wood deck components. At the deck-to-house connection, WideWrap LedgerTape is a flexible, polyethylene waterproof ledger board flashing made of a self-sealing rubberized material. Installers can apply LedgerTape to ledger boards to protect against siding runoff, or to in-ground wooden deck or fence posts as a barrier against fungi and soil moisture. WiseWrap JoistTape is a narrower version of the same material, and creates a waterproof seal when applied to the tops of deck joists. JoistTape also helps future-proof against noise from squeaking deck boards. LedgerTape retails for about $36 per 12-inch-by-25-foot roll (enough to wrap about 20 - 4x4 posts). JoistTape retails at $29 per 3-inch-by-75-foot roll.