Tim Uhler has a lot of well-informed opinions about cordless framing nailers. He’s given  Bostitch and Paslode’s previous framing guns a try, as well as DeWalt’s cordless framing nailer. Keeping his work trailer stocked with Bostitch’s nails, which weren’t readily available in his area, kept him from using it regularly. And he found both it and the original Paslode to be finicky to use because neither would fire unless the gun was pivoted just right. He opted to use the DeWalt as a backup because it required less maintenance and had a battery level indicator. But Paslode’s new XP framing nailer has him rethinking his cordless go-to. While the Paslode still lacks a battery level indicator (which seems to have become a staple on most cordless tools), he finds it very reliable and equipped with some useful new features

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