I first learned of the power of a neck gaiter around the first time I heard the words “polar vortex.” This was six years ago now, and I thought I had a shot at being on TV and was insufferably more insufferable than I am now. Because, you know, TV.

Anyway, a production company called us to design-build a show (that you 100% have not seen) for them, and in their eminent brilliance, these were interior/exterior makeovers.

In the winter.

In Philadelphia.

Anyway, it was cold. There was thunder-snow. And there’s no way I’m wearing a scarf.

But an old shirt I loved died, so I cut the bottom 8 inches off, hung it over my head, twisted it, and put over my head again.

Not for nothing, but this changed my cold-weather life. Keep the throat warm, you keep you warm. Batteries not inclu…needed.

Now, for hot weather, ArcticCool has a neck gaiter it says keeps you cool. The company says its Multifunctional Neck Gaiter can be worn in 12 different ways and that its Hydro Freeze X (Note: not a DC Universe villain) keeps you cool as you sweat.

Basically, it is a nano-evaporative cooler. It costs $15. Check out the company's entire line of workwear: Hats, pants, towel, more.


This article originally appeared in Tools of the Trade.