The buzzword "smart" was originally adopted by the computer industry to describe computer-automated systems. Since then manufacturers have touted "smart" appliances, "smart" thermostats, and "smart" houses. And now Metabo, a West German tool manufacturer (Metabo Corporation, 1231 Wilson Drive, West Chester, PA 19380; 215/436-9072), is promoting a line of power tools with the same claim. I tested a Metabo HD 800 hammer drill to see just how smart it really is. For Metabo, "smart" seems to mean simply "electronic control;" the actual microchip wizardry involved is limited. Those of you, like myself, who were expecting an R2D2-like employee replacement, have to be patient. Nonetheless, the tools do promise improved performance. The Metabo HD 800 is the Cadillac (or rather, BMW) among hammer drills.