Almost every deck project involves some demolition, whether it’s the surgical removal of siding and trim to install a deck ledger and lateral bracing, or the wholesale removal of an entire deck. Having the right tool to do that efficiently—such as a specialized pry bar instead of a generic crowbar—can cut hours of frustrating labor from the process.

Once framing begins, efficient production is the key to a profitable job, especially for a short-handed crew. For example, most deck frames are put together with dozens of metal connectors, each of which requires a half-dozen or more fasteners. Some deck builders are now attaching metal hardware to the framing with structural screws, but most still use nails, in which case air-powered or battery-powered metal-connector nailers will save hours in installation time.

There are specialized tools for installing decking as well, including pneumatic hidden-fastener systems and specialty drivers designed to accept collated screws. These tools will keep you up on your feet instead of down on your knees, saving time ... and your back.