Duradek’s vinyl roof membrane doubles as a walking surface and a water barrier to protect rooftop decks from water infiltration.

The company’s Ultra PVC Membrane comes in more than two dozen colors and patterns — including surfaces made to mimic cork, granite chip, sandstone, and leather — in rolls that are 72 inches or 54 inches wide. The lighter the color, the cooler the deck, the company says. Darker colors tend to fade faster than light ones.

The company recommends that the membrane be installed over 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch plywood or 5/16-inch cement board sloped at 2 percent to prevent pooling. It also can be bonded to concrete. Installation — by authorized Duradek contractors — includes heat-welded seams and edge-detailing to keep water out of living spaces below. (If you’re interested in learning about becoming an authorized dealer and applicator, give the company a call.)

Warranty periods range from five to 10 years, depending on the product. The company declined to provide pricing. — S.G.

Duradek, 800/338-3568, duradek.com