LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, offer much longer lamp life than do other types of bulbs and don’t contain any hazardous materials. The LED strips in Feeney’s new low-voltage lighting kits fit into recesses in the top and bottom rails of the company’s DesignRail aluminum railing systems and give off a warm white light that can be evenly diffused by snap-on frosted lenses.

The fully waterproof 24-volt kits include an LED light strip, connectors, and diffusers. Light strips are available in two lengths: 21 inches and 32 inches. A companion waterproof power kit includes a driver—either 35 or 60 watts—extension cables, and other parts required for electrical connections. Feeney also offers an optional inline LED dimmer kit with a remote control.

DesignRail Lighting kits cost about $30 per running foot.

Feeney, 800.888.2418, feeneyinc.com