Tempered glass panels block far less of the scenery than conventional balusters do, making them desirable for decks with a million-dollar view. They’d be even less intrusive if you could get rid of the top rail and frames and see nothing but the glass itself.

That’s the idea behind Spearhead Diverse Glass Clamps. Developed in Australia, these structural aluminum clamps and brackets can support sheets of laminated or tempered glass as large as 6 feet long and 4 feet high.

The system is designed to hold glass 1⁄2 inch or 5⁄8 inch thick, with holes bored near the bottom edge of each sheet for clamp bolts. Spearhead says the glass can be ordered from just about any local glass shop.

Brackets can be surface mounted or attached to the side of a wood deck joist. Installed glass panels exceed code requirements for lateral load resistance, according to the company.

Clamps cost $130 each. Base mounts are $25 and side-mount brackets are $40 each. Spearhead says it express freights the brackets and clamps anywhere in North America and offers contractor prices on request.

Spearhead Glass Systems, 888/674-5288, diverseglassclamps.com.