Eastman Chemical Co.

Perennial Wood’s post wraps are made from the same acetylated wood as its decking and porch flooring. The 48-inch-tall southern-pine wraps encompass a standard 4x4 post, giving it a nominal finished dimension of 6 inches square for a more robust appearance. The kits, which include stainless steel fasteners, are shipped flat and assembled on site.

Originally developed in Europe, acetylation is a process of treating wood with a combination of heat, pressure, and acetic acid. Acetylated wood is more dimensionally stable and harder than untreated wood, but unlike conventional pressure-treated wood, it doesn’t look much different from untreated lumber and it retains no chemical preservatives.

Eastman Chemical Co., of Kingsport, Tenn., uses its own acetylation process, “TruLast Technology,” to produce Perennial Wood, which is guaranteed against rot for 25 years.

The kits will go on the market in the first quarter of 2014. The post wraps will be available uncoated or in one of three factory-applied colors (gray, cedar, or mahogany). Pricing has not been announced.

Perennial Wood, 800.530.7495, perennialwood.com