Simpson Strong-Tie

A new structural connector, the Simpson Strong-Tie PPBZ, eliminates the need for temporary vertical supports for a porch roof during construction.

The idea is that porch framing can continue even without a finished slab, minimizing jobsite disruptions. Once the PPBZ is attached to a footing with a couple of Simpson Strong-Tie Titen screws, posts can be installed to support the roof framing. Because the base is designed to support vertical construction loads even without being embedded in a slab, the manufacturer says, concrete can be placed around the support later to complete the installation.

Post bases come in two standard sizes, for slabs 4 inches or 6 inches thick. They also may be ordered in custom sizes for any slab thickness in between. Key features include side stirrups that stiffen the assembly without support from concrete; a 1-inch standoff that reduces the chance of decay at the base of the post; and ZMAX coating for corrosion resistance.

The bases are made from 12-gauge steel and are designed for nominal 4x4 posts. Prices start at less than $40.

Contact the company for test data and code compliance.

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