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How to Accurately Price Change Orders

Here's how to avoid inaccurately priced change orders, which are one of the main... More

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What ChatGPT Means for the Remodeling Industry

Think remodeling is too complex for AI? That's exactly why we need it. More

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Take Control of Cash Flow

Don't be one of those companies that goes belly up not because they aren’t... More

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How to Keep a Large Job from Sinking Your Company

Large jobs offer the unwelcome opportunity for digging a bigger hole. More

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Serve clients’ net zero goals with lighting controls that reduce energy consumption

One of the easiest ways to enhance a space and simultaneously reduce energy... More

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Managing Project Logistics

Three project managers explore the intricacies of managing the hundreds of... More

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Using Feedback to Boost Your Bottom Line

Veteran remodeler Brian Altmann explains why you want to hear from your clients... More

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Becoming the Company Your Clients Want

How client feedback can lead to better customer service, which will boost your... More

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Project Manager's Council: Jobsite Etiquette

Three project managers discuss the 'soft skills' needed to work effectively with... More

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Recognizing Earned Income

To determine if your company is truly profitable, you need to understand the... More

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