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Becoming the Company Your Clients Want

How client feedback can lead to better customer service, which will boost your... More

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Project Manager's Council: Jobsite Etiquette

Three project managers discuss the 'soft skills' needed to work effectively with... More

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Recognizing Earned Income

To determine if your company is truly profitable, you need to understand the... More

Streamlining Your Deck Business

A successful builder explains how the use of repeatable processes and standard... More

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Setting Client Expectations

An unhappy client is one who expected something you didn't deliver. More

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Three Ways Pros Can Boost Efficiency in their Business

Homeowner insights show communication, partnership and technology are keys to... More

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Being a Business Visionary Has Its Drawbacks

Melanie Hodgdon explores the risks and rewards for visionary business leaders. More

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The Secrets of an Effective Manager

Are you people-oriented, or results-oriented? The answer will affect how to best... More

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Flexible Pricing: A Strategy for Uncertain Times

Instead of lump-sum pricing, which focuses on costs, consider flexible pricing,... More

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The Employee-Centered Company and Your Financial Freedom

In the employee-centered company, turnover can virtually disappear. Along with it,... More

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