Situation Innovation Corporation Pneuhook

Scott Jacobson is one of the most enthusiastic people I met last week at JLC LIVE. And I would have missed meeting him had a friend not texted me and said I HAD to meet the guy at the Pneuhook booth (video below). So I went over, met Scott, and got my first in-person look at the Pneuhook, an accessory Tim Uhler reviewed several months back. It looked as well made in person as it does in the photos.

The Pneuhook is a universal quick-change hook that can be attached to any nail gun, brad gun, or stapler. Plug it into the end of an air hose, plug a pneumatic tool into it, and suddenly that tool has a hook. Because it connects via air fittings, it can be swapped between tools and attached and detached as quickly and easily as a hose.