If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea for Father’s Day, here are some options. No matter what trade the dad you’re buying for is in, there’s something on this list for him, whether it’s a simple pair of Bluetooth headphones that provide hearing protection or a tool that he might use every day -- in the field or in the shop. We’ve compiled a roundup of various ideas - some link to reviews, others to products themselves. If the dad in your life has everything on this list, batteries and chargers are often a safe bet too.

A Bluetooth Speaker

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Most manufacturers today offer jobsite-shop speakers that either run on a tool battery, charge a battery, or both. Here’s a quick look at some options. If you don’t see one from a particular brand here, be sure to check the company’s website, as it’s possible that it offers one even if it’s not represented here. Also, some of the manufacturers in the following slides offer other versions with various options as well.

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A Pair of All-In-One Headphones

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Whether you prefer ear-muff-style or in-ear-style headphones, here are five options that also include hearing protection and phone capabilities as well. There are corded and cordless, Bluetooth-enabled options on the list.

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Cordless Trim Routers

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Cordless technology has made its way into nearly every tool category. Smaller tools, like trim routers (also known as “laminate” routers), make good use of the technology because this is one tool where a cord can really be a nuisance. As of this writing, there are four manufacturers that make cordless trim routers: Makita, Bosch, Ridgid, and Ryobi.

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