DeWalt recently held a media event where they unveiled an impressive group of new tools that included corded and cordless power tools, hand tools, lasers, storage, and accessories. As if getting to see a bunch of new tools was not enough, the event also included a tour of the assembly plant where the company builds cordless tools such as drills, hammer drills, recips saws, and impact drivers.

Among the more interesting cordless offerings were a miter saw, heavy duty impact wrenches, a drywall gun with an optional magazine, and a Bluetooth battery that communicates with and can be controlled by a smartphone app.  Corded models included a low-profile random orbital sander, four SDS rotary hammers, and a hybrid portable welder that can be operated on battery or battery plus AC power. Among the hand tools were mechanics tools in modular cases, solid steel hammers, and a carbon fiber spirit level. There were tools in just about every category, including storage and lasers.

The slideshow on this page contains just a portion of the tools you would have seen if you'd been at the event. Be sure to see the captions, which explain what the tools are and in many cases, links to more information and to what they will cost and when they'll come out.