Many have tried to develop easier-to-use gas cans but few have succeeded like the makers of SureCan. Instead of tipping to pour, a spout pivots down from the bottom and fuel drains directly into the tank being filled. Flow is controlled by a thumb-operated trigger that opens and closes an internal valve. Push all the way down and fuel is quickly dispensed; push part way down and it dispenses more slowly. Release the trigger and the flow stops as the spring-loaded valve snaps shut. When the trigger’s depressed a vent pops open to prevent glugging and the likelihood of spills. Made from blow molded HDPE the can has Viton valve seals and double O-rings to prevent the joint between spout and can from leaking. SureCan is currently undergoing testing for CARB compliance in California, and is already sold in other states. Cans are available for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. Price: 2.5-gallon model $25; 5-gallon models $