Most of us will likely never work in a shop as nice as the one owned by Andrew Pitts. Pitts is a furniture maker in Virginia and his shop is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The machinery is nice but not exceptional; I own or have worked with similar equipment. What’s special is the space and how it is set up. The shop is in a two story building with machines on both floors, and has several things I have never had in a shop of my own: a high ceiling, lots of windows, and walls that are fully drywalled and painted. But that’s not what stands out; no matter Pitts talks about during the tour of his shop (video below) my eyes keep coming back to the floor. Really—a shop can have a shiny hardwood floor with no scratches, dripped paint, or blobs of glue on it?

I’m not criticizing or mocking Pitts for keeping such a spotless workspace. I have seen photos of his work and the furniture he builds is beautiful stuff. It makes sense he would have a meticulously organized shop because you can’t produce that level of work if you are a slob. Still, it’s hard to imagine how he manages to keep the floor looking so good.

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