Last fall we published a story about a device called the Micro-Blaster, which uses blank cartridges and a pneumatic or mechanical detonator to break rock and concrete. Alan Meeks, a plumbing and electrical contractor in Indiana saw our story and was not impressed. For years he’d been doing something similar, but for a lot less money. Instead of using blanks he uses regular bullets and a low-tech detonator. Mind you, I think he only does this when he encounters large rocks or boulders in a trench--which is no doubt safer than the demonstration performed in the video below.

I can’t vouch for the safety or legality of his method, but it does seem to work. Which reminds me, the legal department told me to say “Don’t do this at home. Don’t do this at work. Don’t even think of doing this anywhere—ever!” They didn’t actually say that, but they would have if they had seen this video.