One of five models in our mixed category test of variable-speed rear-handle and right-angle 5-inch random orbit sanders, this tool is one of the three high-speed, fine-finishing models. And it’s among the newer generation of rear-handle sanders with a removable front handle. As the latest tool to the category, it boasts technological advancement that makes a marked difference in comfortable performance and makes this a real standout tool.

Bosch ROS65VC-5 Specs
Amp Rating: 3.3
Orbits per Minute (OPM): 5,500 – 12,000
Orbit Size: 5/32 inch
Cord Length: 13’-2”
Weight (w/ dust can): 5.34 pounds
Country of Origin: Switzerland

Online Price: $229

Finish quality was determined by feel and by eye. To show the scratch pattern created by the sander we made a single pass over clear acrylic (photo above) with 150 grit paper. The scratches left by this sander are barely discernible.

Performance Results
Finish Quality: Very Good
Barely any 150 grit scratch marks discernable under magnification.
Stock Removal: Very Good
Amount of material sanded off maple in 3-minute trials with fresh 100-grit disk: 17.9 grams (click here to compare to other models tested)
Dust Collection: Very Good
Efficiency of dust container collection in trials: 82% (click here to compare to other models tested)

Comments and Ratings
Excellent overall.
The profound lack of felt vibration is its most desirable trait, but this sander does everything right. Superb finishing, fast stock removal, and with all the best features too. Hands down the most enjoyable sander to use I’ve ever experienced due to its incredibly smooth operation.

Switch: Very Good
Single-speed trigger with lock-on button easy to operate, even with gloves on.
Speed dial: Very Good
Well-shielded dial within a finger’s reach along the side of the rear handle.
Grip: Very Good
Soft gripping surfaces everywhere they are needed, on the rear handle, on the front handle, and on top of the tool.
A stable and fatigue-free grip is afforded by spreading the load over the front and rear handles, but the sander is balanced well enough to be used one-handed by gripping atop the motor housing.

The most notable feature of this sander is its highly effective suspension system which isolates the outer housing you grip from the vibrating inner workings of the tool. As shown here, foam isolation mounting pads glued between the housing and the motorized mechanism do the trick. As mechanically simple as this suspension system is, it makes you wonder why the manufacturer didn’t develop it many years ago.

Excellent (very smooth)
Truly remarkable in this regard, this sander’s almost non-existent vibration is its main claim to fame. It earns this accolade through the use of an ingenious yet simple suspension system that consists of four small foam pads that isolate the housing from the mechanical parts inside.

Lands on work: Very Good
Tracking: Excellent
Both attributable to the extra-smooth operation of the tool as well as the stability inherent to a full-size sander operated with two hands.

This sander has the most efficient dust collector which is also the easiest to disassemble and empty. The long cylindrical shape makes it easy to dump the canister with minimal mess.

The pleated filter section is threaded to fit the canister and goes on and off with a quick twist. The ribbed dust port attaches firmly to the inside of a standard European vac hose and is vented to help reduce suction that can hinder the action of the sanding pad.

Dust Collection
Dust container: Very Good
This large round canister was the best in the test, both in dust collection efficiency and in overall functionality. It was easy to attach, able to be emptied with a minimum of mess, and its translucent plastic body lets you check its dust level at a glance.
Vacuum: Excellent
35mm o.d. “Euro” vac hose fits very securely over ribbed dust port. The port is vented to prevent strong vacuum suction from slowing down the free spinning action of the pad.

To connect this sander with a 1 1/4- or 1 1/2-inch vac hose, a swiveling adapter fitting is provided with the tool.

Variable-speed motor; common 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding pad.
Has a very effective dust collection canister, an easily removable front handle, and a nice, extra long cord.
Same tool body and motor as the brand’s 6-inch sander so it can run 6-inch accessories.
Comes with: Swiveling vac hose adapter to fit 1 1/4- and 1 1/2-inch hoses; hex wrench for pad and front handle.
Optional accessories: 6-inch sanding pads of three different densities (note: 5-inch pad only available in one density). As a top-tier professional tool, it would offer greater versatility if pads were available in different densities.
Similar models: Same tool with 6-inch pad and tool with both 5- and 6-inch pads.

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Thanks to Norton Abrasives for supplying their “3X” sanding disks used in the test []

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