The new Bosch 12V brushless cordless planer is no toy. This little planer is built well and feels quite stout.
I have been initially impressed with its ability to plane down southern yellow pine lumber as I flatten an old wall.

The tool comes with a dust collection bag and an option for using a vac or dust extractor as well. Dust collection is quite good with the vac hooked up. I've found that the dust collection bag will clog at the inlet tube if you are trying to remove too much material at once. The spring-loaded rear kickstand has much too stiff of a spring; it's difficult to get the kickstand to fold down easily. While the planer works with any of Bosch's 12V batteries, the higher Ah options like the 4.0-Ah or 6.0-Ah batteries are best for obvious extended run-time capacities.

Model: GHO12V-08

Price: $179 bare (with blade-change wrench, bag, and vac hose adapter)

Available: Now

Specs:14,500 rpm with constant speed circuitry, it monitors and maintains speed under load for consistent performance

  • 2.2 In. of planing width and a single-pass planing depth of up to 0.08 (2 planer blades)
  • On-board storage compartment for holding a spare planer blade
  • Can create rabbet cuts of up to 0.7 In
  • Switchable right or left shavings extraction
  • Can plane up to 33 Ft. of one-inch-wide hardwood per amp hour (Ah)
  • 3.3 pounds (tool only)
  • 10" length

This article originally appeared in Tools of the Trade.

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