One of the things I love about Scott’s videos and his approach to the finer points of construction is that he’s incredibly general sometimes. But with purpose.

In this video—which I thought was going to be more about slinging mud and laying up blocks but is really more about engineering and the anatomy of a properly built CMU wall—he delivers a few principles to live by.

Surely, you or someone you've worked with has wasted time by placing materials in a lousy spot or not thinking through what needs to be where and when. I think Scott puts it succinctly without being a know-it-all in the lines below. The rest of the video is informative, too, if building block walls is something you need to know more about.

But materials placement and not being a cheapskate … live it.

“One of the biggest ways to save time in every aspect of construction is in handling and staging the material. In fact, 80% of construction and construction productivity is in handling material. Construction is all about picking up materials and putting them in place. And the place that material is staged is the place you have the most control over productivity.”

“You only want to pick this stuff up once and a mistake in staging … can really multiply unnecessarily the amount of labor it takes to get this job done."

“There is some money that is way too expensive to try to save.”

“Do it right and you’re never sorry.”