Full-size electric concrete/pavement breakers were always trying to live up to the performance of pneumatic jackhammers, but now some brands figure they have them beat in more than one measure. The convenience benefit of electric breakers that run on standard line voltage is a given, and electrics are also superior in vibration control. By now, new, more powerful models have some manufacturers comparing their performance and productivity directly against pneumatics. And as this category of tools as a whole keeps improving its shaking and breaking abilities, smaller breakers and demo hammers are able to take over some jobs that used to require full-size breakers.

One of the biggest names in electric breakers is the venerable Bosch Brute. But an even bigger one is the Bosch Brute Turbo BH2770VCD. Even after the reboot of the original Brute made it 50% stronger than before, Bosch decided to make a model that went all the way to “11” with the Turbo. The 63-pound tool hammers out 43 foot-pounds of impact energy at up to 1,000 blows per minute. The brand’s Active Vibration Control and extended air cushion in the hammer mechanism provide the tool with an 8 m/s2 vibration rating. The breaker comes standard with a hand truck, complete with two points and two chisels onboard in dedicated slots.

Makita has a new 69-pound breaker that it’s comparing to the performance of a 60-pound pneumatic hammer. The HM1812 boasts 53.9 foot-pounds of impact energy at up to 870 blows per minute with a vibration rating of 6.5 m/s2. This is one of the brand’s few signature tools that feature its Advanced AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology), which uses a mechanical counterbalance in the drive system and a floating top housing and handle assembly that moves independently of the motor and hammer mechanism. Electronics in the tool provide soft-start action and activate led service lights at the end of the motor brush life or to warn of electrical faults present. When turned on but idling, the hammer function disengages to save unnecessary wear on the tool.

Adding on to the smaller side of Hilti’s breaker family, the TE 800-AVR is the latest demolition hammer from that manufacturer. At 23.4 pounds and 23 inches long, this tool is light and agile enough to use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces with the help of its front d-handle. The hammer punches out 15 foot-pounds of impact energy at up to 1,890 blows per minute with a 9.0 m/s2 vibration rating. Onboard electronics provide diagnostic alerts and a digital switch to set the tool to full power or 70% power. At the reduced power setting, an electronic control system assists with beginning your chipping precisely. The hammer also features a built- in power booster—to maintain performance when long extension cords or generator output drop the voltage to the tool—and an active cooling system that moves air over the electronics, motor, transmission, and hammer mechanism.