If your truck or toolbox looks like mine, it’s a rats’ nest of chargers and cords, some with the bread tie on them, some dangling out of the box like worms trying to escape a bucket.

Well, if you’re on the Metabo HPT platform, it has some box, site, truck, and trailer organization news you might like: The Metabo HPT 4-port charger, # UC18YTSL.

I’m not sure why gang-chargers aren’t more of a thing, but they don’t seem to be. Anyway, it’s hard to justify spending money on a version of something you get for free and probably own 80 of. On the other hand, a clean box or site or truck or trailer is a happy one.

Here are some details from Metabo HPT:- 4-ports
- Charges 36- or 18-volt
- 2-USB ports
- 2-AC outlets. Total of 10-amp, ungrounded
- Customizable battery charging. Charge batteries 1 by 1, in sequence (port 1 through 4) or rapid charge
- Fold-down carry handle.

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