If you’ve ever—and who hasn’t in this group—chewed your knuckles to hamburger or taken just about every pinching, prying, and otherwise getter-outer thing you own out of your truck to clean up flooring staples, nails, and other fasteners blown into floors to hold them down, this tool might be for you.

While I pride TOOLS as being the place you go for your tool reviews, I’m going to farm this one out to Nate, who reviewed the super Inside Baseball NailXtractor for Wood Floor Business. He does a nice job on the review and the follow-up videos.

Also, NailXtractor is designed for roofing nails primarily—pulling them out of the deck after a tear-off—and the video below shows it doing a remarkable job. As the company says, it’s designed by roofers for roofers. And, it looks like—and this is no criticism; I think it’s amazing—each NailXtractor is hand-built in somebody’s garage.

This article originally appeared in Tools of the Trade.