Hey framer and rafter guys, what do you think of this?

Simpson Strongtie’s Quik Stik is a driver extension for setting rafter screws from the deck. It looks like it’s one of those tools that pays for itself in, like, one minute of not climbing up and down a ladder. (Looking for sensible footwear for framing? Check out Tim Uhler’s review of Danner workboots.)

Chucked into your impact or cordless, the unit is designed to drive Simpson’s bright orange SDWC Truss Screw in a variety of positions along the double top plate to accommodate different truss and rafter positions as they relate to the studs below.

The bit holder secures the screw (T30 drive) while it's raised to the plate. The positioning prongs and rockers enable you to put the screw where you need it, whether that’s straight up through the bottom plate or angled in. For angled connections, putting both elements of the tool on the work optimizes the drive-angle for that connection.

The extension arm has a grip about halfway up to help you stabilize the tool in use and share the weight between both hands.

Simpson says the Quik Stik speeds up installation and increases worker safety. It’s pretty simple so the new guy might even be able to do it without constant supervision. The fastener is code tested and listed. We found the tool online for about $180. Protective case sold separately.

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