To add to its line of 36-volt battery-powered outdoor equipment, Stihl developed the TSA230 Cutquik cordless cut-off saw. This compact saw has a 9-inch blade capable of cutting 2 3/4 inches deep, and an onboard water-feed system like its bigger, gas-powered brothers. Benefits include quiet operation via the model’s brushless motor and an electric brake that stops the blade quickly once you release the trigger. Expect 15 to 20 minutes of runtime with the brand’s standard AP180 battery pack, and about a 30-minute charging time with the AP500 quick charger.

The newest addition to the brand’s cordless line is the AP300 increased-capacity battery pack. Its 6.3-amp-hour rating represents 28% more storage capacity than the pack the saw was tested with, so a longer runtime should be expected when using this battery. A backpack battery rated at 25 amp-hours is available for much longer runtime, but being tethered to the tool takes away some of its portable convenience.