Prefilter Hepa Vacuum

Dustless Technologies offers a wet/dry vac with a dedicated HEPA filter (model 16006) to meet the requirements of the new EPA lead rule, says the manufacturer. The unit includes an inexpensive disposable "micro-prefilter" ($11) that is easily replaced to extend the life of the more expensive HEPA filter ($150). An optional beater-bar attachment for dislodging ground-in dust and dirt is available. ¦ Price: $600. 800-568-3949.

Two-Stage Hepa Vacuum

The wet/dry vacs in Fein Power Tools' Turbo line are designed with 0.3-micron Tier-II HEPA filters to comply with the new RRP rule, says the maker. The Turbo II (model 9 20 25) has a 6-gallon wet and 9-gallon dry capacity, and a 1050-watt, dual-fan bypass motor that produces 116 cfm of airflow. Larger and smaller sizes are available, and all can be used with optional beater bars and disposable plastic dust-collection bags.
¦ Price: $510. 800-441-9878.

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