I was going to try and add something pithy to Matt’s thorough tool review of the Camo Drive, but decided to dive right in.

One of the tool’s features that our guys appreciate is the fact that they can use their own drill/driver with it, rather than having to use one supplied by the tool manufacturer. This allows them to continue working with a tool that they are already familiar with and like, rather than risk grumbling about (or worse, not using!) the fastener because they didn’t like the brand of gun that is included with the tool. The Drive tool simply chucks into a drill/driver (impact drivers are not recommended), like any other hex bit.

If that doesn’t get you to click over to the full article in Deck Mag when you’re ready, then this might.

Another feature we really like is the wide variety of fasteners and materials and manufacturers that it is compatible with. We install a lot of different types of decking, from PT to high-end composites, and being able to switch it up between fasteners for different jobs is money-making versatility. It just takes a few seconds to switch between the three different guides and swap out the fasteners needed to install face screws, edge screws, or the company’s new EdgeClip hidden fasteners for grooved decking.

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