Hitachi Power Tools

Last fall, Hitachi released three new cordless nailers: a 16-gauge straight finish nailer (NT1865DM), an 18-gauge straight brad nailer (NT1850DE), and a 15-gauge angled finish nailer (NT1865DMA)— all running on the company’s 18-volt battery platform. In lieu of a flywheel, an “air spring” system runs the nailers, so there’s no wind-up time. An internal brushless motor lifts a piston and the attached driver to the top of a sealed cylinder, compressing air behind it. When the trigger is activated, the compressed air drives the piston and driver into the nail. The motor immediately raises it back up to prepare for another shot. For the past six months, senior editor Chris Ermides has been testing the 15-gauge angled model, while Mike Triller, a finish carpenter, tested the 18-gauge brad nailer. Here's what they learned.

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