Before a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I arranged to visit the factory where Leatherman makes multi-tools. It was during the time of year (December-January) when they don't normally give tours so they gave me a private tour that lasted more than the usual hour—and they allowed me to linger and take photos because I was there to be the eyes and ears of the thousands of you who receive our newsletter and visit our website. The plant was easy to find; it's in a low-slung building in an industrial park a 10-minute drive from the Portland airport. When I got there I was greeted by a couple of folks from Leatherman and escorted into the factory. I was allowed to photograph anything I wanted except for the dies used to punch out parts, and the die-making area (they employ several die-makers). To see what I saw, click the photo on the left side of this page. Be sure to read the captions, which explain what the processes are and include links to video of many operations.