In the inexorable surge of tech and business to maximize the unbelievable power and versatility built into a basic phone, ARrim One seeks to take the next step in non-tape-measure measuring.

And it claims that it does it better than everything else out there.

Jack the ARim One into your phone and the module generates an FDA-approved laser that shoots 40 meters. Its LI battery is able to charge it for 1,000 measurements.

After watching the video, I’m not sure I’d lay out tile or a deck ledger with it, but it is intriguing for estimates. Maybe.

The video shows laying out plumb and level for decoration and laying out a circle and measuring distances and angles.

The accuracy of the tool doesn't seem to be as important as the accuracy of the operator. The tool requires you to shoot and mark a point. If you’re slamming coffee before the estimate, well, I wouldn’t depend on that on the miter saw.

Still, even at $200, it’s worth checking out. I think it might put some speed on the track in the estimate process.

Interior and angle measuring here:

“Roof” Layout here: