Diablo Tools held a media event at the STAFDA show to demonstrate that carbide tipped blades are becoming the quickest way to cut all sorts of metal on the job.

In the recip-saw-blade category, bimetal tooth blades used to be the best option for cutting metal. Now, Diablo's carbide-tipped recip saw blades can do the work faster and without snagging in the cut. Larger teeth with greater chip clearance mean that these blades cut without the excessive heat often generated by tiny bimetal teeth working in a cut.

The 6-inch Steel Demon blade for cutting thick metals started this product line for Diablo Tools a few years ago. Now they are making a 12-inch version with a redesigned tooth configuration that cuts faster than the first-generation Steel Demon (see video below). The new 12-inch version can handle cast iron or steel pipes up to 9 inches in diameter. Steel Demon blades have 8 teeth per inch and are suitable for cutting cast iron, mild or alloy steel, and stainless steel between 3/16 and 1/2 inch thick. --The 12-inch DS1208CF is priced at about $20.

In the scope of the metalworking industry, cutting ferrous metals with carbide teeth is not a new practice, but blades like those from Diablo Tools are making it a more accessible option to contractors in a variety of jobsite applications. Information about Diablo Tools carbide tipped metal cutting blades can be found on their microsite www.thegamechanger.com.

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